About us

Our story

Over the years of doing professional sport, through tears and sweat, we realized that something was missing. Something little that would help us reach the stars and be one of the best.

Even at the biggest competitions, Excel and Word are used to make detailed training plans so that they can support the athletes before and during the competition.

Nonetheless, using Excel and Word is time-consuming, inflexible, limited – in terms of managing various sports – and they require constant improvement. The 21st century has brought about such possibilities due to advanced technology that athletes have begun to require digitalization. They just want to surpass the burdens of sport diary registration, administration and getting clearances quickly and easily.

During our professional carriers we never managed to find the key tool that would have got us to the next level, though.

A new dream

Then, a new dream was formed: a tool that can create individual and structured training plans in a motivating manner. A tool that stores knowledge, shares experience with other trainers, supports athletes effectively and keeps the administration to the bare minimum. In a nutshell: more time remains to train and personally support athletes!

We began developing Athletic Vision back in 2019. Athletic Vision, as a training planner and club monitoring tool, is currently being improved to match today’s requirements. It was created to help leaders’ everyday lives as a reliable tool and to facilitate the support of athletes; from amateur to professional.

The Athletic Vision’s system sets new standards in the field of professional sport and plays a fundamental role in the sport industry.

How do we work?

We aim to provide the best service to our customers, so we immensely involve them in our process and do everything in our power to develop such a system that is the compilation of our partners’ insights and our team’s solutions. At the same time, the goal of the system is to help sport clubs to have simpler, quicker, and more effective operations.

We are a dynamic and motivated team who wish to create something new and celebrate its success together. We live in a start-up culture with everything it brings in its train: flexible working hours, flexible workplace, open offices, mutual support, team spirit and entertainment.

Our team

Our team consists of athletes and developers who – with years of experience to work from – wish to create such a user-friendly interface that not only facilitates smooth club operation but helps to improve sport performance with its modular system.

Our goal is to ensure that club leaders spend their precious time leading, trainers coaching and athletes training.